Many young people are leaving Toronto, a big city in Canada. This is  because it has become very expensive to live there. Rent and house  prices are very high. Even if they have jobs, it's hard to afford a  home.

High living costs, including rent, housing prices, and other expenses, are making it difficult for young people to sustain themselves in cities like Toronto

Affordability Issues

Many young people are struggling with low wages or entry-level positions that do not provide sufficient income to cover basic living expenses, especially in expensive cities

Income Disparities

Some individuals have mentioned challenges in finding well-paying jobs, particularly in specific industries or sectors

Limited Job Opportunities

The housing market is experiencing skyrocketing prices, making it increasingly challenging for young people to afford homes

Housing Affordability Crisis

Some individuals have expressed concerns about the rising costs associated with transportation, including car ownership, which can be prohibitive for many young adults

Transportation Costs

Sharing accommodations with roommates or opting for unconventional housing arrangements (e.g., co-living, converted spaces) is becoming a necessity for some due to affordability concerns

Alternative Living Situations

The disparity between wages and the cost of living is contributing to the challenge of making ends meet, even for those who are employed.

Income Disparities and Job Market Conditions

Some individuals believe that government policies and urban planning decisions have contributed to the affordability crisis, particularly in major metropolitan areas

Policy and Governance Issues

Lack of affordable housing options, especially for low and middle-income individuals, is a significant concern

Limited Accessibility to Affordable Housing

The high cost of living in cities like Toronto is impacting overall quality of life, including the ability to save, access to healthcare, and leisure activities

Impact on Quality of Life