The Remarkable Journey of BTS

Lined Circle


Discovered by a casting director of Big Hit Entertainment while traveling on a bus. Jin auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment with the aspiration of becoming an actor but ended up debuting as the visual and vocalist of BTS.


He auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment's rap competition called 'Hit It'  and won 2nd place. He initially joined the company as a producer and  later became a member of BTS.


He auditioned for a competition where Sleepy from Untouchable was a  judge. Impressed by RM's rapping skills, Sleepy passed his number to  producer Bang Si Hyuk, leading to RM becoming the first member and  leader of BTS.


He began his journey as a dancer with a group called Neuron. Although he  auditioned for JYP Entertainment and didn't make it, he was selected as a  dancer and rapper for Big Hit Entertainment's BTS.


An an accomplished student at the Busan High School of Arts, department of  dance, auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment after encouragement from his  teacher. Jimin had the shortest training period among all the members.


Aspired to be a saxophonist despite coming from a farming family. Unexpectedly, someone from the rookie development team noticed V and encouraged him to audition, resulting in him being selected as a vocalist for BTS.


The youngest member, auditioned for the 3rd season of Superstar K in his hometown of Busan. Jungkook chose Big Hit Entertainment because he was impressed with RM's rapping skills and wanted to train with him.