Things To Do In Calgary

Let’s explore, the best things to do in Calgary. Imagine a Thursday afternoon in late June in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where the weather is an unexpected 54 degrees. While this temperature might scream winter in many places, in Calgary, it’s a quintessential summer day. The city, with a population of 1.4 million, stands as the largest in the interior of Alberta, known for being the gateway to the Canadian Rockies.

Calgary Tower – A Bird’s Eye View of Cowtown: Our journey begins at the iconic Calgary Tower, a structure that has been part of the skyline since 1968. Affectionately nicknamed Cowtown, Calgary is renowned not only for its towering structures but also for its association with the oil industry and the annual Stampede festival. The 360-degree observation deck of the tower offers breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

Chinatown Delights and Unexpected Korean Cuisine: Descending from the heights of the Calgary Tower, our adventure takes an unexpected turn into Chinatown. The vibrant streets are adorned with unique architecture and the promise of culinary adventures. Despite the initial quest for dim sum, a sudden craving for Korean food leads to a delightful exploration of Regency Palace Seafood Restaurant. The sizzling short ribs and an array of side dishes create a perfect blend of flavors.

Waterfront Tranquility at Prince Island Park: Leaving the bustling streets, we venture towards Prince Island Park, an oasis of greenery nestled along the Bow River. This lush park, surrounded by the city skyline, provides a serene escape. As we walk along the river, the fragrant air and picturesque views showcase the city’s harmonious blend of urban and natural elements.

Public Transit and the North Hill Center: Calgary’s efficient public transit system, featuring trams and trains, becomes our means of exploration. The North Hill Center, a bustling mall, presents itself as a hub for shopping and entertainment. The contrast between the outdoor beauty of Prince Island Park and the lively mall encapsulates the diverse experiences Calgary has to offer.

Reflections on Calgary’s Unique Climate: As we conclude our day, thoughts linger on Calgary’s unique climate. While winters can be severe, with temperatures plummeting to 35 degrees below zero, the city transforms into a summer paradise. The ability of the flora to withstand such extreme conditions is a testament to the resilience of this vibrant city.

In the twilight of this summer day, Calgary stands as a city of contrasts, where towering skyscrapers coexist with lush parks, and where culinary adventures range from traditional dim sum to unexpected Korean delights. This journey through Cowtown reflects the heart and soul of a city that embraces its diversity and surprises at every turn.