Journey Behind the Falls

Standing near the big waterfall, I feel the ground shake and hear the loud sound of water crashing down. This special place is called the Journey Behind the Falls. It’s in Niagara Falls, Canada, and it’s one of the most amazing places I’ve been to.

I’ve seen many incredible natural places, but there’s something magical about the Journey Behind the Falls. It’s a place where you feel like you’re becoming a part of nature’s amazing story.

When the mist from the waterfall surrounds me, it’s like nature is giving me a warm welcome. The loud noise of the water becomes a beautiful song, reminding me of the powerful forces that shape our planet. It makes me feel small in a big, wonderful world.

What makes this place so special is the amazing view it gives you. When you’re behind the falling water, everything looks dreamlike and strange. The huge amount of water and its power is both amazing and a little scary. Not many people get to see this, so it’s a memory I’ll always keep.

Niagara Falls famous
Niagara Falls famous

How old is Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls is around 12,000 years old. It was formed at the end of the last Ice Age when the glaciers began to melt and shaped the landscape.

Niagara Falls formed slowly and is still changing today. Every year, when the river water freezes and thaws, it wears down the rocks beneath. This makes the falls move a little bit upstream over time. Nowadays, things like building dams for electricity have made the falls wear down more slowly. People have also worked to protect the falls. They’ve done things to slow down how much water flows over it to make electricity.

How Long Does the Journey Behind the Falls Take?

During your visit to Journey Behind the Falls, it will take around 30 to 45 minutes. If you go in the spring or summer, you’ll get a free special rain poncho that’s good for the environment. It will keep you dry from the mist of the Falls.

How wet is the Journey Behind the Falls?

Get ready to get wet! The Maid of the Mist boat ride takes you really close to the falls. But don’t worry, they give you special gear to keep you dry. A lot of people say this is one of the best ways to experience the amazing power of Niagara Falls. It’s like a guided tour, and many think it’s the best one in the area.

People who recently visited Niagara Falls say that going on the Maid of the Mist is a must-do. They loved the awesome views and thought the tour was just the right length (20 minutes). Plus, the tickets aren’t too expensive. Even though you get a poncho, it’s a good idea to wear waterproof shoes and clothes, as travelers suggest.

What should I wear for Journey Behind the Falls?

Remember to put on the poncho! You’re definitely going to get some mist on you. Also, make sure to wear shoes with good traction. It can be slippery down there!

Many people wonder what kind of shoes to wear at Niagara Falls. It’s good to know that if you take the boat ride, your shoes might get wet. That’s why it’s best to wear lightweight water shoes without socks. This way, your feet will dry fast, and you won’t damage your favorite shoes. I suggest opting for affordable water shoes like these. That way, it won’t be a big deal if you get soaked. And trust me, going on the boat ride is definitely worth it!

How much water flows over the Falls?

Popular attractions in Niagara Fall
Popular attractions in Niagara Fall

Every second, 3,160 tons of water rush over Niagara Falls. This is like 75,750 large barrels of water flowing over the American and Bridal Veil Falls, and 681,750 barrels of water pouring over the Horseshoe Falls every second.

How falls are formed?

The Falls were created a long time ago when big ice chunks turned into huge freshwater lakes, known as the Great Lakes. One of these lakes, Lake Erie, flowed down towards another called Lake Ontario. As the water hurried along, it carved a river on its way down. Eventually, it reached a steep cliff-like area called the Niagara Escarpment, where the Falls now stand.

Is Niagara Falls fresh or saltwater?

Niagara Falls is freshwater, the water that goes over Niagara Falls comes from four big lakes: Superior, Michigan, Huron, and Erie. These lakes hold a lot of fresh water – in fact, one-fifth of all the fresh water in the world is in these four lakes.

Why is Niagara Falls so blue?

The water’s color comes from tiny pieces of rock and the salts it carries. These come mainly from the limestone bed, and possibly from the shales and sandstones below the limestone cap at the falls.

How many types of falls are there?

Niagara Falls has three waterfalls, in order of size: the Horseshoe Falls (also called the Canadian Falls), American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls.

Popular attractions in Niagara Falls

I can tell you that the waterfalls are the star of the show here. There are several fantastic ways to experience them. You can get up close on the legendary Maid of the Mist boat tours, where you’ll feel the power of the falls from their base. For a unique perspective, you can venture behind the falls in caves accessed by an elevator. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take to the sky in a helicopter for an awe-inspiring aerial view. There are also observation towers that offer stunning vantage points.

Beyond the falls, both the New York and Canadian sides of Niagara offer a wide range of activities to keep visitors engaged. Families will find plenty to do, with attractions like Old Fort Niagara and the Niagara SkyWheel providing entertainment for all ages. If you’re traveling without kids, you might want to test your luck at the Niagara Fallsview Casino or savor some of the region’s renowned ice wine at the Inniskillin Winery.

On the New York side, Old Fort Niagara is a must-see. This historic site takes you back in time, allowing you to explore military buildings and experience living history demonstrations. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the area’s past.

Meanwhile, the Niagara SkyWheel offers a bird’s-eye view of the falls and the surrounding landscape. It’s a great way to capture some unforgettable photos. The ride is smooth and offers a comfortable vantage point, making it suitable for visitors of all ages.

Over on the Canadian side, the Niagara Fallsview Casino is a magnet for those feeling lucky. It offers a wide array of gaming options, from slots to table games. Even if you’re not a gambler, the casino complex is worth a visit for its entertainment and dining offerings.

For something a bit more laid-back, the Inniskillin Winery is a wonderful choice. This winery is renowned for its ice wine, a sweet and flavorful variety that’s a specialty of the region. You can take a tour of the vineyard, learn about the winemaking process, and of course, sample some of their exquisite offerings.

No matter which side you choose to explore, both offer an abundance of activities and attractions to make your Journey Behind the Falls visit truly memorable. Whether you’re drawn to the natural wonder of the falls themselves or the rich cultural and recreational experiences the area has to offer, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.