Best Things to Do in Osoyoos

Looking for the best things to do in Osoyoos, it beckons with adventures as diverse as its sun-drenched landscapes! Hike windswept trails to breathtaking vistas at Anarchist Mountain Lookout, then roar through Area 27 Motorsports Park in a souped-up race car. For birders, the BC Bird Trail sings with over 300 feathered jewels.

Wine lovers, rejoice! District Wine Village is your gateway to 14 unique wineries, each crafting liquid sunshine in handcrafted bottles. Saddle up at Indian Grove Riding Stables for a desert horseback adventure, or delve into the art of winemaking at Intersection Estate Winery.

Pedal through paradise with Double O Bikes, conquer mountain trails or cruise effortlessly on an electric bike. Witness the magic of kłlilx’w (Spotted Lake), a sacred natural wonder shimmering with mineral pools, and discover the Okanagan’s rich First Nations heritage.

Winter transforms Osoyoos into a snow-dusted playground at Mount Baldy Ski Resort, while Loco Amigos ignites your inner explorer with daily in-house and weekly out-of-town adventures. From adrenaline-pumping thrills to soul-stirring beauty, Osoyoos is ready to paint your adventure dreams in vibrant hues. Pack your thirst for the extraordinary, this Okanagan gem awaits!

Let’s explore fun things to do in Osoyoos

1. Anarchist Mountain Lookout

Location: 1345 BC-3, Osoyoos, BC, V0H 1V6

Osoyoos might be famous for its sunshine and stunning lake, but trust me, the real magic unfolds when you conquer the Anarchist Mountain Lookout. Perched a cool 1,491 meters (think almost 5,000 feet!) above sea level, this viewpoint isn’t just for daredevils – it’s for anyone who craves jaw-dropping panoramas and unforgettable memories.

Imagine, a soaring 1,491 meters (that’s almost 5,000 feet!) above sea level, with breathtaking panoramic views that unfold like a living postcard. Turquoise waters of Osoyoos Lake stretch as far as the eye can see, the charming town nestles below, and on a clear day, you might even catch a glimpse of Washington State across the border. Talk about epic!

This isn’t just a viewpoint, it’s an experience. Grab your camera, lace up your shoes (it’s a short walk to the lookout), and prepare to be blown away by the magic of Anarchist Mountain. Trust me, the panoramic punch in the gut (in the best way possible!) is worth every switchback.

2. Area 27 Motorsports Park

Area 27 motorsports
Area 27 motorsports

Location: 127 Area 27 Drive, Oliver, BC, V0H 1T0

Area 27, Canada’s premier luxury motorsports club. Picture this – a masterfully crafted, 4.83 km racetrack nestled amidst breathtaking Okanagan scenery, basking in the country’s warmest climate. Think Pebble Beach for petrolheads, where every corner begs to be conquered and adrenaline pumps like a finely tuned engine.

It’s a driver’s dream come true, a haven for those who live and breathe the roar of the engine. As a member, you’ll not only tear up the world-class circuit but also hone your skills under the watchful eyes of Canada’s top motorsport pros in one-on-one masterclasses.

Phase 2 unveils the luxurious Area 27 Clubhouse, your home away from home. Picture a 3,200 sq ft dining haven, swanky members’ locker rooms, and state-of-the-art classrooms where the thirst for speed gets even more refined.

Let’s not forget the 2,500 sq ft patio, boasting commanding track views and an outdoor BBQ center. It’s the perfect spot to fuel up with fellow enthusiasts, share racing stories, and bask in the glory of your automotive conquests.

Area 27 isn’t just a club, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a place where passion meets precision, where every turn ignites the soul, and every sunset paints the sky with the colors of victory. So, ditch the ordinary and shift gears towards your ultimate driving experience. Area 27 awaits, ready to unleash your inner champion.

3. BC Bird Trail

Osoyoos BC Bird Trail
Osoyoos BC Bird Trail

This desert oasis just became the newest Outpost on the BC Bird Trail, and trust me, it’s a birder’s dream come true.

Let’s imagine sun-drenched vineyards meeting majestic mountains, all while surrounded by a uniquely mild climate that nurtures over 300 different bird species.

The north end of Osoyoos Lake is your feathered friend’s fiesta. The oxbows and dykes are a birding bonanza, with 250+ species documented frolicking in the reeds. Think Cinnamon Teals flashing their fiery feathers, Green-winged Teals shimmering like emeralds, and the majestic Long-billed Curlews probing the waters with their impossibly long beaks.

The Osoyoos Bird Trail Outpost has something for everyone, from novice tweeters to seasoned birding pros.

4. District Wine Village

District Wine Village oliver
District Wine Village oliver

Location: 100 Enterprise Way, Oliver, BC, V0H 1T2

Welcome to District Wine Village, your gateway to an unforgettable wine adventure in the heart of South Okanagan! The Okanagan Valley has a new wine haven calling your name, and it’s dripping with sunshine, stunning scenery, and 14 incredible wineries (yes, you read that right!) all located in one charming village.

District Wine Village isn’t just a collection of wineries, it’s a celebration of artisan passion and local community. Each sip tells a story, each winery a unique chapter in the Okanagan’s rich winemaking history.

Explore the following Wineries at the District Wine Village:
Winemaker’s CUT: Dive into bold blends and innovative techniques.
One Faith Vineyards: Discover soulful wines rooted in faith and family.
Gneiss Wines: Savor terroir-driven expressions from ancient glacial soils.
JoiRyde Winery: Buckle up for playful, fruit-forward vinos with a playful spirit.
Foolish Wine: Don’t be fooled by the name – these wines are seriously delicious!
Uppercase Winery: Experience elegance and precision in every bottle.
Nk’Mip Cellars: Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Osoyoos Indian Band.
Eau Vivre Winery: Let the “living water” philosophy guide your palate.
Apricus Cellars: Bask in the warmth of sun-kissed grapes and Mediterranean-inspired blends.
TIME Family of Wines: Share generations of passion poured into every sip.
Silhouette Cellars: Uncover the artistry of winemaking under the Okanagan sun.
Canter Cellars: Raise a glass to family, friendship, and terroir-driven excellence.
Ward’s Wine Country Kitchen: Fuel your explorations with delectable farm-to-table fare.

Cheers to unforgettable Okanagan adventures at District Wine Village!

5. Indian Grove Riding Stables


Indian Grove Riding Stables
Indian Grove Riding Stables

Location: 8000 45 Street, Osoyoos

Indian Grove Riding Stables has been leading horseback journeys through desert sands and mountain trails for over 40 years, and they’re ready to show you the magic firsthand.
Indian Grove offers safe, guided tours for all levels, perfect for families, couples, and solo adventurers seeking an unforgettable experience.
Their tours go beyond the ordinary. Trek through the Osoyoos desert, a unique ecosystem unlike any other, and soak up the stunning scenery. Some tours even include a refreshing swim in Canada’s warmest lake, Osoyoos Lake itself!
Indian Grove has dedicated corral rides for children, ensuring the whole family gets to experience the joys of horseback riding.
Ready to book your Osoyoos horseback adventure? Head over to Indian Grove Riding Stables’ website and start planning your unforgettable ride!

6. Intersection Estate Winery

Location: 450 – Road 8 (at Highway 97), Oliver, BC, V0H 1V5

Intersection Estate Winery isn’t just about location (though their crossroads at Road 8 and Highway 97 is pretty cool). It’s about finding the perfect intersection between lifestyle, the vineyard, and the art of crafting exquisite, small-batch wines.

Intersection isn’t about fancy labels or stuffy tastings. It’s about learning, laughing, and discovering the magic of wine without any pressure.
Their “Uncork the Sun” podcast dives deep into the world of wine, from grape to glass, with hilarious hosts and fascinating interviews. Tune in on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your audio fix.

7. Double O Bikes

Location: 8905 Main Street Osoyoos, Osoyoos, BC, V0H 1V7

Double O Bikes isn’t just your average bike shop – it’s your key to unlocking the magic of Osoyoos on two wheels! Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a curious newbie, they have everything you need to create unforgettable memories.

Double O Bikes has an awesome selection of rentals for all levels and styles, from casual cruisers to top-notch carbon road bikes. And the best part? Helmets, locks, and bags are all included, so you can just grab your sense of adventure and hit the road (or trail)!
Their fully equipped shop can handle all, from replacing a flat tire to giving your bike a complete overhaul. Their team of experts is passionate about keeping you rolling, so you can focus on enjoying the ride.

Double O Bikes is run by a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to building an inclusive community. So, by renting or buying from them, you’re not just getting a great bike experience, you’re also supporting a worthy cause.

8. Spotted Lake (kłlilx’w)

Spotted Lake (kłlilx'w)
Spotted Lake (kłlilx’w)

Location: Osoyoos, BC, V0H 1V5

Located near Osoyoos, Spotted Lake (kłlilx’w) is a canvas splashed with vibrant blues, greens, and yellows – that’s what this mineral-rich lake transforms into during the hot summer months!

As the sun works its magic, water evaporates, leaving behind a kaleidoscope of mineral pools. Each “spot” boasts its own unique blend of calcium, sodium sulfates, and magnesium sulfate, creating a mesmerizing patchwork quilt on the lake’s surface.

For the Okanagan Nation, it’s a sacred site, revered for centuries as a place of healing. Each colored circle is believed to hold unique medicinal properties, whispering secrets to those who listen.
The land surrounding the lake wasn’t always accessible. Thankfully, in 2001, it was returned to the Okanagan Nation, ensuring its protection for future generations.
You can admire the lake’s breathtaking beauty from a designated viewpoint just off Highway 3. So grab your camera, soak in the magic, and learn about the rich cultural heritage of the Okanagan Nation at the nearby Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre.
Spotted Lake (kłlilx’w) is an experience. It’s a testament to nature’s artistry, a symbol of resilience, and a reminder of the deep connection between people and the land.

9. Mount Baldy Ski Resort

Location: 2680 Mt Baldy Road, Oliver

Mount Baldy Ski Resort, just 40 minutes from Osoyoos, is calling your name with a bounty of winter fun for everyone! Explore the 20km of ungroomed snowshoe trails, breathing in the crisp mountain air and soaking in the winter wonderland vibes.
Mount Baldy Nordic Centre has you covered with perfectly groomed and track-set trails. Glide through peaceful meadows and forests, enjoying the serene winter landscape.
The Terrain Park boasts an awesome array of jibs, rails, and jumps, perfect for testing your skills and impressing your friends.
Mount Baldy delivers! Zoom down the thrilling toboggan run or have a blast playing Frisbee golf in the snow. The relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere is sure to put smiles on everyone’s faces.
The Snow Sports Centre has rentals, repairs, and qualified instructors ready to help you make the most of your winter adventure.

10. Loco Amigos

Location: 8521 Main Street, Osoyoos, BC

Loco Amigos in Osoyoos is your gateway to thrilling adventures. Whether you’re a solo explorer, a couple seeking sparks, a corporate crew on a bonding mission, or just a bunch of friends craving some wild times, Loco Amigos has your back (and adrenaline pumping!).

Daily in-house tours ignite your adventurous spirit right from Osoyoos, while weekly out-of-town excursions whisk you away to conquer new landscapes and experiences. Think kayaking adventures, e-bike thrills, and mountain trails begging to be explored.
Loco Amigos are obsessed with safety and affordability, and making sure you leave with a grin plastered on your face and a newfound tribe of “Loco” friends by your side.